Pain Management

Pain Management

Whether it’s a sore back from playing sports, or aching knees from arthritis, there are times when we can all benefit from non-medicinal pain relief. From topical pain gels, to TENS units, we carry a wide range of items desigend to help you manage even the most severe pain.

Pain Gels

  • Biofreeze Professional – 25% stronger than what you’ll find at the big-box retail chains, and at a lower price per ounce.
  • Sombra Warm Therapy – 3oz Roll-on, 4oz & 8oz Gels for your preferred method of application
  • Narayan Gel – a Soothing Touch Massage product that blends Camphor and Menthol for soothing but intense relief.
  • Tiger Balm – perfect for those who find relief through warm therapy. A brand you can trust at a size and price you won’t find in national chains.
  • Polar Lotion – the power of cooling Menthol in a lotion with which you can work in to the skin and massage.

Hot/Cold Packs

  • Colpac – reusable cold pack that comes in several sizes. Throw it in the freezer, and reaplly!
  • TheraPearl – specifically designed for your knee, shoulder, back, and more. Use it hot or cold – get excellent relief either way!
  • Bucky Back/Neck Wraps – heat it up in the microwave or throw it in the freezer. The buckwheat hulls provide natural relief.
  • Core Products Micro Beads – three sizes, all providing moist heat by placing in the microwave.
  • Theratherm Digital Moist Heat – set the exact temperature, with a timer, to make sure you get the heat you want, for as long as you want.
  • Complete Medical Moist Heat – an economy veresion to the plug-in style. Three heat settings give you a range to find comfort at a great price.
  • Therabeads Heat Packs – standard, king size, and hand mitts. These microwavable packs are our longest-tenured brand.


  • TENS units – Our ULTIMA5 Tens unit is one of the best economy brands on the market. Dual channel with 4 pads, get the relief you need local.

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