Sleeper Chairs

Sleeper Chairs

Looking for a chair that you can sleep in? We have several options depending on your different needs. From Zero Gravity chairs to Lift Chairs that go in to a full recline with the simple press and hold of a button, we have several options for your specific need.

Lift Chairs
Any and all MaxiComfort chairs will allow you to get in to a full recline with legs stretched, with the ability to get the position just right by moving up or down a hair with the powered controls.

Zero Gravity Chairs
Looking for leg elevation and back or hip relief? Zero Gravity is likely the option you’re looking for.

Stressless Furniture
Every Stressless seat has the ability to go into their “sleep mode,” which allows the chair to recline further than normal. By engaging this function, you’ll feel like you’re laying flat, while maintaining all of the proper bends for muscle and tension relief.

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