Powerstep is not only our #1 orthotic brand, but the most popular item in our stores. Though we carry several styles, each is designed with a high, semi-rigid footbed that is strong enough to support the natural shape of your arch, without being so firm as to cause discomfort. The following are styles that you can find in any size, in any of our locations:
*Slimtech (3/4 Length)
*Original – firm support
*Archlite – soft support
*Pinnacle – firm support with cushion
*Pinnacle Plus – firm support with cushion and Metatarsal Pad
*Pinnacle MAXX – firm support with cushion and posting for severe pronation
*Pinnacle Wide – firm support with a wider footbed

An international company with nearly 50 years of footwear experience, Spenco is an innovative healthcare company whose mission is to help people everywhere achieve more with comfort. With their patented footbed, you can find the following Spenco orthotics in our stores:
*Moldable Arch Support – firm, moldable support for all arch heights
*Thinsole (3/4 Length) – firm support for dress shoes
*Polysorb Cross Trainer – foam support with strike zones for heel and ball of foot
*Gel Total Support – soft support for general foot pain
*Comfort Insoles – flat cushion for general foot pain

Medi USA
A Germany based and manufactured product, Medi Footsupport insoles meet specific needs with production quality you can expect from this reputable company. The following styles that you can find in our stores each serve a unique purpose:
*Heel Spur – Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers
*Active – Excellent for all active/athletic purposes
*Comfort – General comfort or diabetic neuropathy relief
*Control – Reduced movement through metatarsal heads

A German based company, Birkenstock is a name and brand that has been used and trusted for ages.
*Blue Footbed (3/4 Length)

Aetrex Lynco
Lynco orthotics are recognized and recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide. The unique shape of their footbed makes them perfect for individuals with low-to-medium arch heights. While they carry dozens of styles and variations, you’ll find the following options in our stores:
*L500 – 3/4 Length Dress
*L505 – 3/4 Length Dress with Metatarsal Pad
*L2400 – Full Length Customizable
*L2405 – Full Length Customizable with Metatarsal Pad

Orthofeet’s Biofit Soft Insole is our go-to for diabetid neuropathy and foot arthritis. Soft cushioning over gel support provides maximum comfort and relief for daily foot pain.

Love their sandals and shoes? Then the Vionic Active orthotic is perfect for you. With the same shape and support that you’ll find built in to their other products, this insert can replace the one that came with your Vionic shoe once it wears down, or can go in any other shoe to give you that
same support you know and trust.

This orthotic brand gives us the ability to get a custom fit at over-the-counter prices. Their Rigid orthotic comes in 4 arch heights and 3 heel widths, allowing us to fit practically any foot with the exact level of support needed. Additionally, their Archy orthotic is our most popular 3/4 length insole for individuals with high arches. Its slim profile but firm support are perfect for dress shoes, wedges and heels.

Child Orthotics
Is your child suffering from foot pain also? We have the answer! Between our two brands, we can fit child sizes starting at size 8, through Youth 5.
*Lynco Aetrex Child Orthotic – sizes Child 8 through Youth 5
*Arch Angels Child Orthotic – sizes Child 9-10 through Youth 5

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