Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs

Here at The Bone Store, we believe in giving our customers the best possible options for their needs. For that reason, we carry Golden Technologies lift chairs exclusivley. Based and built in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, each chair comes with a lift-time guarantee on the frame and lift mechanism, plus a three year guarantee on all electronics. You won’t find a better, more comfortable lift chair brand – and you certainly won’t find a better warranty. Now, with our low-price guarntee, you won’t find a better price or better service, even online. With over 50 chairs on-hand, we are your one-stop lift chair shop. Below is a list of models that we carry at all times, in varying fabrics, colors, and accessories:

Traditional Series:

  • Cambridge Small/Medium (PR401SME)
  • Cambridge Medium/Large (PR401MLA)

Signature Series:

  • Space Saver – Various Sizes (PR931)
  • Imperial (PR404)

Comforter Series:

  • Comforter Junior Petite (PR501JPT)
  • Comforter Small (PR501S)
  • Comforter Medium (PR501M)
  • Comforter Larger (PR501L)

MaxiComfort Series

  • Comforter with Maxicomfort Small (PR505S)
  • Comforter with Maxicomfort Medium (PR505M)
  • Comforter with Maxicomfort Large (PR505L)
  • Relaxer Medium (PR756M)
  • Relaxer Larger (PR756L)
  • Daydreamer (PR630)
  • Cloud Small/Medium (PR510SME)
  • Cloud Medium/Large (PR510MLA)
  • Power Cloud (PR512)

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