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Powerstep provides excellent support for almost every foot by combining a medium-to-high foot bed with a semi-rigid orthotic, making it strong enough to hold your arch in place, with just enough give for natural comfort. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving it a try will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done to take care of your feet.

Moszkito orthotics provide the support and fit of a custom orthotic, at over-the-counter prices. A rigid, guaranteed-for-life insert gives the support, with a foam overlay for added comfort.

Vionic has your every footwear need covered. From summer sandals to high end heels, Vionic combines their unique, orthopedic foot bed with styles that rival the best. After a pain-free day on your feet in their shoes, heels or boots, you’ll wonder why you ever spent more for anything else.

Spenco provides flexible-yet-solid support at a price that’s hard to beat. With an identical foot-bed on each of their sandals, shoes and slides, you’ll love the array of choices at your toe-tips.

Biofit orthotics by Orthofeet are a neuropathy-sufferer’s dream. Plastazote material provides unparalleled cushion to alleviate that pins-and-needles feeling, while a flexible orthotic underneath supports the arch as it should be.

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