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The Bone Store carries the following orthotic vendors: Powerstep, Lynco, Orthaheel, Birkenstock, Spenco, Moskito, and Custom.


Orthotic Sandals

Compression Stockings

The Bone Store carries a wide variety of Orthotic Sandals. We have Men and Women’s styles that will add comfort and fashion to your wardrobe. Take care of your feet while looking great.

Gradient compression delivers a squeezing to the leg that is tightest at the ankle. The degree of squeezing or compression gradually decreases up the leg. This compression, generally expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury) provides two main benefits. Probably the most beneficial effects of compression are its effects on the capillaries and tissue spaces.

Heel Health

Toe &

Toe & Heel

The Bone Store carries a variety of Toe and Heel health products including: